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Steve Hereford

My story begins back in 1984. I was 19. I grew up in a good home but Christ was not real to me or my family. I spent my days doing whatever I wanted. I was king of my world, at least I thought. At such a young age, I was exposed to so much so fast. At 9 I drank my first beer. At 11 I smoked my first joint. It was also at 11 that I purchased my first guitar from the junk man down the road. But little did I know the ride my life was going to take until Jesus Christ intervened. As my interests grew in music, so did my activity with drugs and alcohol. By the time I was 14, I recorded my first record. At 16 it expanded into an album. I had hit my stride. I knew what I wanted in life and was pursuing head strong toward it. I played night clubs, slept all day, up all night and as they say I was experiencing "drugs, sex, and Rock-n-Roll." I gradually accepted that title even though I thought I was serious with my music but It wasn't long that things began to drastically change in my life. My band broke up, my drug use increased, and my relationships were starting to crumble. One afternoon while at a friends house, another friend whom I hadn't seen in months came by to party with us. He walked in with a 12 pack of beer under his arm but after opening his first beer he said, "He was in sin for doing this." He had recently committed his life to Jesus Christ and told everyone we needed to do the same. One of my band members left the room and shortly after returned saying to me he was quitting the band and that he had just prayed to receive Christ. My friend looked at me and said, "Steve, you too need to be forgiven of all your sin." You see this was not the first time I had heard this. I grew up going to church with my family. But that night what I heard seemed different than before. I left the room and got on my knees and as best as I knew how I prayed and asked God to forgive me. I was ready to give up everything to follow Jesus Christ. Upon praying, I noticed immediately that my desires were different. I also had a new awareness of everything. I left with my friends and went and bought a Bible and tracts and later went to one of the bars that I frequented and stood outside talking to my friends about Christ. That night my life truly changed. I was learning what it meant to deny myself, take up my cross, and follow Jesus Christ. That is true today. Since Christ transformed my life, He has broken my will and increased my desire for Him!

How Steve Came to a Relationship with Jesus Christ