Steve Hereford

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Lighthouse Christian School

6800 West 5th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32254 . 904-854-4599

RE: Dr. Steve Hereford

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend to you the Scripture memory and song program by Dr. Steve Hereford. I have seen first-hand the wonderful results of this program.

The lyrics are taken right from Scripture and the tunes are very “catchy” and easy to remember. Many of our students can be found humming and singing the songs throughout the day. Our school is comprised primarily of students with learning disabilities, yet this program has been very successful. This is a wonderful tool that has enabled many of our students to memorize and hide God’s Word in their hearts.

The music will be a source of inspiration and encouragement for both children and adults. I trust you will prayerfully consider this wonderful music tool. It will impact you both now and for eternity.

In Christ,

David Samson

Campus Director