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Do you struggle with memorizing Scripture? "Music Worx!"

In August 2012, Steve Hereford began working with middle & high school students by writing music to Scripture and teaching it to them. The results were staggering. Now he would like to share this with you because music does work in memorizing Scripture! Regardless of your age, you can memorize Scripture. Listen to the samples below. These students memorized Scripture in less that 5 days. Many in just one. And all they had to do was sing!

Genesis 1_27_mp3.mp3

Genesis 1:27

Genesis 12_2_mp3.mp3

Genesis 12:2

2 Timothy 3_16_mp3.mp3

2 Timothy 3:16

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Genesis 3_15_mp3.mp3

Genesis 3:15

10 Commandments.mp3

10 Commandments

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Catechism 1-5

So easy a 5 year old can do it!

Catechism 6-11.mp3

Catechism 6-11

Steve singing Revelation 2:7

Steve has just released the first CD of his Music Worx project. Enjoy 14 Scripture songs Steve has written. To order your CD, click here.

The Music Worx Project “seems really effective (especially for students) and teaches Scripture creatively” (David K. Hodge, Walk Thru the Bible).